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Where should I move?

January 13th, 2013 No comments

Alright, it is no secret I want to move out of Southside once my lease. I am coming up on 3 years in Southside and 4 years in Pittsburgh. My last 8 months in Southside have been filled with my car being scraped, my car broken into and the radio stolen, multiple domestic disputes on my block with the cops called, my parents and friends cars getting keyed, packages being delivered and subsequently stolen when USPS knows there is significant package theft occurring, and most recently mice. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a lot of fun Southside, have a lot of friends still living here and love the convenience of stores and proximity to Downtown. However, it is time for me to move on to another neighborhood. So at this point, I have narrowed it down to two places I believe I should move: Squirrel Hill and Shadyside.

This afternoon, I decided to walk around Squirrel Hill to get a feel for the neighborhood since I do not spend that much time there currently. Squirrel Hill is an interesting neighborhood with lots of independent stores and restaurants. It feels more laid back, more family oriented, more local, and very Jewish. The last one wasn’t really a requirement for me, but it’s hard to ignore when walking around and you see many Orthodox families walking home from Synagogue. I really liked walking around since there were so many options for food and even things to do other than drink. The main section of the neighborhood isn’t that big, but it is all on the hill itself, so walking will get tiring. The one thing about Squirrel Hill I still cannot get over is how much it reminds me of where my family lived in New York when I was a child. Murray Ave. reminds me of the main street in that neighborhood.

I have spent a little more time in Shadyside. This is also a cool neighborhood or should I say trendy. Shadyside is full of young professionals, grad students and families. There are many chain restaurants and stores. There are also a lot of really cool new restaurants and bars in Shadyside. Everything is relatively close so I probably would not need to drive much here either. The thing I like the most is Shadyside is so central. It is easier to get to many other neighborhoods from Shadyside because many streets lead directly to it.

In the end, I am really torn where to move. I am leaning more toward Squirrel Hill. However, I am working on a list of Pros and Cons because it is pretty much a split down the middle when people are telling me where to move. Feel free to tell me things to add to the lists. I need to start aggressively looking for a new apartment next month.

Squirrel Hill



Cheaper Rent Older places
More parking Fewer rental options
Lots of Chinese/Asian/Middle Eastern food options My diet will consist mostly of Chinese/Asian/Middle Eastern food
Easy to get Kosher Food Have you tried some Kosher food? Ehh.
Highway Access Further from work. Need to drive/bus
Fewer bars Fewer bars
Many bus routes Need to drive/cab to bars in Southside
Fewer Chain Restaurants I might spend too much on records
Close to Waterfront More family oriented
Bowling Alley
Movie Theater
Jerry’s Records
Get Go




More rental options Higher rents
Trendy Less Parking
New construction Further from highway
Many bus routes Further from work. Need to drive/bus
More bars More chain restaurants
Closer to Bloomfield and Strip District Need to drive/cab to bars in Southside
Target, Market District, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s all in walking distance
Lots of new restaurants
Easier to get cabs to Southside
Marios East side
Mad Mex



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