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Follow Up : Pebble Smartwatch

January 12th, 2014

Pebble with wrap and bandI have been using the Pebble Smartwatch now for about 6 weeks. It has been an interesting and enjoyable experience. I really like getting my notifications on my wrist. It saves a lot of time checking my phone. I don’t have to unlock my phone unless I want to respond or read more. I’m also starting to explore some of the other information I can send to the Pebble.

After using the watch for about a week, I upgraded to the SDK 2.0 Beta 2. I will say right away, Beta 2 was junk. The watch froze constantly and would lose connection and not reconnect. I would have to shutdown and restart the Pebble to get it to connect. Very soon after, they released Beta 3, which has been a much better experience. Installed apps can now be removed and some even managed from the Pebble app on the phone. They are now up to 2.0 Beta 5, and it’s looking pretty good. Battery life seems to be improving too. I get a lot of notifications, but I would say it’s now up to about 4 days battery life.

There are definitely still some disappointments in the Pebble that third party developers have been working to rectify. The biggest issue I still have is the stock Pebble app cannot push all notifications to the Pebble or select which apps with notifications can be sent. It will only push a select number of apps with configuration built into the Pebble. The notifications for those specific apps like phone, SMS, email/Gmail, calendar, Facebook and Hangouts all work very well. However, there are so many other apps out there that create notifications too. Other smartwatches, have this built into the software to select any apps with notifications to send. The Qualcomm Toq has this feature built right in. The other issue I had with Pebble is a lot of functionality was not built into the main UI for SDK 2.0, even though there are APIs built for it such as weather. I have other functionality issues such as the music app being slow to respond or not showing what is currently playing. I understand the goal for Pebble was to first launch the hardware with basic functionality then expand. I definitely like this and I am starting to see the potential in Pebble. Lots of third party developers are stepping up to create apps to fix the gaps in the stock Pebble UI. Some of these third parties include major companies like FourSquare, GoPro, and Pandora. Pebble is also making progress in their own software by creating an app store to have these apps available. The app store will launch soon, and I am very excited to see what will be available.

As mentioned, third party developers have stepped up to create watch apps for the Pebble to fix some of the UI gaps. I have downloaded three apps so far that I really like; Glance, Notification Center, and Pebble Cards. Glance serves as a great utility. I talked about it in length in the first post so I won’t go through more detail. I will say, I keep Glance set to a basic screen of time, weather and phone battery life. Glance does have more detailed screens, but I don’t need them. Glance also added a nice feature of adding the Pebble battery life to its settings menu. Notification Center has been a fantastic utility to get the notifications I actually want to see on my phone delivered to my phone. This app has allowed me to get only the Personal Inbox email notifications from Gmail, allowed me to start using a third party app for SMS again, and get ESPN SportsCenter alerts as well as my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other apps stock Pebble notifications could not handle. After the notification clears, it returns the Pebble screen to Glance. Notification Center will also queue the notifications and clear them from the phone after viewing, or will clear from the Pebble when cleared on the phone. The last app I got was Pebble Cards. This is the app that I think will have a lot of potential with new versions. The developer said he was trying to mimic the idea of cards in the Google Now app. I like it a lot since it removes a lot of data Google Now provides to just give a clean and quick update. I set up weather, sports scores and battery life so far. It can also include stocks, calendar, traffic, custom JSON, and more. I don’t think it is as clean as the watch face on Glance, but definitely can show a lot more information. I assume all of these will be part of the Pebble App Store at launch.

Unfortunately, I still have not gotten a chance to really start playing with developing my own apps for the Pebble. The SDK 2.0 comes with so many example API pieces and a tutorial that it shouldn’t be too difficult to develop my own apps. The time I did sit down, I found out that they SDK cannot be edited on Windows computers. As an alternative, Pebble Cloud was created to allow for editing and creation of apps online. However, this reduces a lot of the access to examples Pebble created, unless you load them to your Pebble Cloud account.

20140112_142005The last issue I had with the Pebble was its physical design. The Pebble looks cheap and unprofessional. If almost looks like an oversized sports watch you might buy for running. I spent a little money to try to fancy up my Pebble so it looks more like something you might wear to the office. I purchased a SlickWrap for the watch itself so it would look less plastic. I got the Brushed Onyx metal series wrap to try to make it look a little more metal. I also purchased on eBay a Black IP metal band with polished and brushed metal and a locking clasp. I believe it looks a little more presentable and less plastic.

Fortunately Pebble also recognized their watch was not very professional and recently announced Pebble Steel, which is a metal version that comes with a gorilla glass screen, metal band and a leather band as well. The technical specifications are the same as the original Pebble. It is a little smaller but a $100 more expensive. If it was available when I purchased 6 weeks ago, I would have gotten this one instead.

Pebble is showing itself to be the major competitor in the Smartwatch game. They have two options already on the market. They have a large community of apps that are going to be available very soon. They made it easier for outside developers to create apps. They have even gotten Mercedes Benz to make an app and give away the watch with the car. Pebble is definitely going to need to do something about their price to stay competitive. They are ahead of Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm and some of the others that have a Smartwatch available today in price by being at $150. However, the others are seeing they are charging too much and discounts are already available. Archos has two watches coming out which they hope to be major competitors, especially since the cheaper one they expect to release at around $50 each.

I definitely do not regret purchasing a Pebble Smartwatch. It has made checking notifications a lot easier since I don’t have to pull out my phone. It’s even better for those that I generally clear right away anyway like ESPN. I still believe the best is yet to come for Pebble in terms of apps that will be available.


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